Monday, March 18, 2013

Apple of Android?

 I often get this question and it is not about choosing between a piece fruit or robot.  Rather, it deals with selecting a smartphone or tablet.  The issue is not unlike the need to select between a Mac or a PC when looking for a new computer.  With all the hype from the likes of our friends in Cupertino and South Korea, it can be a very confusing purchase decision. 

Last week in New York City, Samsung, a South Korea based electronics manufacturing giant, launched their Galaxy GS4.  This new entry into the smartphone market has several very cool features like eye tracking.  Among other things, this keeps the screen from dimming or going to sleep if you are looking at it.  Like all Samsung phones this one uses the Android operating system.  An operating system is what allows all the apps and functions of the phone to work together.  Apple uses their proprietary operating system.  Again this is like the old Mac vs. Window competition of the last century.

So which should you choose?  In my opinion, if you step back from all the hype and PR, you will find that both Apple and Android based devices are very similar and both have more apps available than any normal human being will need or want in a lifetime.  They both have very intuitive controls.  For me the most important thing is to try to stay in the family.

If you have a Mac and or an iPad or plan to get one, then for sure go with the iPhone.  If you already have or are planning to get a tablet that uses the Android operating system, then for sure go with an Android phone.  Doing so will make you life much easier and allow you to take full advantage of the features of your devices.

The real benefit of using smartphones and tablets comes with their ability to connect all your information.  A picture taken on your phone is available for viewing on your computer or tablet.  The document you wrote on your computer at work is accessible on your iPhone.  Your calendar and contact list are synchronized on all your devices.  All of this is being done automatically.  For all of this to work well and seamlessly your devices should use the same operating system.  Pick one: Apple or Android and stay with it.  You really can’t go wrong with either.

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