Monday, March 04, 2013

Accessorize Your Spring Outfit

In just a short time it will be spring and with the change in season often comes a change in our wardrobe. Gone are the scarves, sweatshirts and heavy coats as we pull out the shorts, tee shirts and flip flops.  For some digerati their spring clothing may come with some new accessories.

Our friends at Google are offering to a select group of consumers a device that incorporates their new technology called “Google Glass.”   The first iteration will be a pair of eye glasses with video display built into the lens.  Connected wirelessly to your smart phone, the glasses allow you to view anything that would normally be viewed on the phones screen on the actual glass lens.

I have only seen pictures and videos of the glasses.  To me they look like an updated version of the strange head gear featured on The Borg, a group of artificial creatures from the Star Trek series.

The glasses can’t be purchased yet but Google has launched a novel pre-order campaign.  They just finished a contest called "If I Had Glass," where contestants fill out entries explaining all the cool things they would do with Google Glass, if they were someday, maybe, perhaps, allowed to purchase them for $1,500.  Tom Sawyer would be proud.

Not to be outdone, the folks just down the road from Google at Apple may have their own digital accoutrement.  You wear this one on your wrist. While the company has not acknowledged the new product (they seldom do provide advance notice of new offerings), it has been widely reported that they are working on a flexible glass wrist watch-like device that can provide many of the functions as the iPhone.

For some of us older folks we remember Dick Tracy, Inspector Gadget and James Bond  having these devices.  None however had Siri or Angry Birds. 

One of Apple’s partners, Corning Glass, the company that provides the Gorilla Glass for the iPhone, has announced that they have developed a new type of flexible glass.  Industry watchers predict that soon Apple will announce the glass will be used for this wearable new digital “must have.”

These products may not be ready for this year’s Easter Parade, but we may see some cool wearable digital bling on fashion runways sooner than we think.

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