Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Misleading Ad for "FREE" DTV Converters

As the adage goes, “There is no free lunch!” There are also no free DTV converters!

The Tuesday Morning Cincinnati Enquirer (May 20, 2008) carried a full page ad from Universal Techtronics offering FREE DTV converters. The Ad is riddled with misleading information and creates a false sense of urgency.

When you cut through the advertising copy you will find, that far from being free, the DTV converter ordered from Universal Techtronics will cost you almost $70.00 each. The same converter can be purchased locally for $59.00 plus tax and, if you have a government coupon, the local price is $20 each.

The pitch they use is that you are only paying for the 5 year warranty. Modern electronic devices are very reliable. If the DTV converter works out of the box there is a very high probability it will work for more than five years.

I do NOT recommend this offer. Caveat Emptor!

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