Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Techno Junk" ... A Real Problem

Below is a very thoughtful comment relating to my post regarding battery operated DTV converters.

Well – the time has come for a non-techie such as myself to ask a few (environmental) questions:

What’s a person to do with all the outdated “techno-stuff” that now resides in our basements and closet shelves across the USA? Perhaps now is the time to use your blog to GO Green and help us know what to expect before we fling out buttons, screens and knobs to the wind. What is the best way to dispose of TVs and other outdated broadcast delivery devices? What will be happening to our nearest landfill when the sets begin to decompose? Is there a proper way to say farewell to our old rabbit-eared friends with the advent of new digital arrivals. And why should we care?

The author has some very good questions and I promise to spend some time in the next few months addressing these very serious issues. Since the comment was posted anonymously I can only thank him or her via this post and hope that it gets read.



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