Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Me thinks I hit a nerve!

From the number and intensity of the comments generated by the HD Radio discussion, it seems that there are some strong feelings. The fact that HD radio has been slow to take off is no doubt the result of several market and technical issues. Unlike DTV, of which I have more than a passing knowledge, HD radio was never mandated by the FCC. And unlike the DTV conversion, the analog stations will not cease to exist at a time certain. So it stands to reason that the adoption curve will be less steep than the DTV curve which is quite steep right now, a full 18 months away from analog shutdown.

For what it is worth, I am a firm believer that the “content” will drive the adoption or lack of adoption of HD Radio as it has with most other new technologies. (Remember VisiCcalc™ and the first PCs or “Bonanza” and the first color TVs?) As for the need to continually upgrade, that is just a byproduct of the digital age. It happens with new TVs, new mobile phones, and most anything digital.

No problem giving your comments here as long as we all stay with sharing ideas and opinions.

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Anonymous Mike Taylor said...

Notice how the Jackal uses your forum (or any forum) to merely badmouth HD and uses links from those who are also vehemently opposed to its development?

"You" have declared HD officially dead? You're ready to declare a winner in the first quarter of the football game, aren't you? Me, I'm a Yogi Berra guy, and it's early.

I agree with you, Jack. VXU's Rich Eisworth has said the same - it'll be about the content. That's why we're happy we've made the connection with Cinti Public Radio. It seems that public broadcasters "get it".

9:28 PM  

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