Monday, December 17, 2012

Make Your Own Video Card

If you are like me, each year during the holiday season you receive one or more electronic holiday greeting cards.  Most of the time these are created using one of the many on line services like    While these services are fine, even the most creative cards using their templates are pretty impersonal.

If you have a video camera and about an hour you can make your own card that might well be appreciated by loved ones no matter where they may be this holiday season.  The complexity of the card will depend on what devices you have available.  For example, if all you have is a smart phone with a built-in video camera your creation will need to be very simple.  If you have a video camera and access to some editing software on your computer like Movie Maker from Microsoft or iMovie from Apple, you can be a bit more ambitious.

If you are keeping it simple using only a smart phone, decide what image or images will be the most meaningful for those who can’t be with you.  It can be as simple as video of the wreath on your front door or trays of fresh baked goods on the counter in the kitchen that they might remember from their childhood.  The holiday season is all about memories, and bringing those memories to life can bring a lot of joy.

If you have access to video editing software you can be a lot more creative by adding music, text and video effects to the card.  Don’t get carried away.  Simplicity is often the best way to communicate.

Once you have completed your video, post it to and choose the “private” settings.  Copy the video’s URL address into an email and send it to those who you want to view the card.  If all the recipients are on Facebook or Google+ you can use that to send the card.

Go to  As an example, I have created a sample card that you can view there. It may give you some ideas.  It took me about 45 minutes to shoot, edit and post.


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