Sunday, December 26, 2010

Year End Lament

…with sincere apologies to "Auld Lang Syne"

Should smart phones be your pick next year
and cords at home unplugged.
Should Apple products be your choice
and the Android phone debugged.


For Sprint, Verizon, Bell, my dear,
for all but A T and T,
We'll wait another calendar year
till they offer new 4 G.

Should Bill and Steve become good friends
as if they were in heaven,
We’ll see the i-Phone running apps
on devices with Windows 7.


And should you want to read a book
no store trip is required.
You’ll read from Sony, Kindle and Nook;
all of them will be unwired.


So may your Facebook friends increase
and follow you on Twitter.
Go try a few new apps a week
so you won’t look like a quitter.


Thus as we end another year
We are sad and we will wail.
Take heart and have no fear for
more stuff will come in G-mail.


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