Monday, December 14, 2009

Stocking Stuffers of the High Tech Kind

For the last two weeks I have provided some suggestions for some high tech gift giving. This week I will continue, but will offer all suggestions under $15 making them great stocking stuffers.

Anyone who uses a computer or MP3 player will appreciate having extra storage for all those video, music or picture files. Consider buying a few SD cards or “Flash” drives. These small storage devices can plug into various digital devices and expand the amount of storage capacity. Flash drives require a USB port and as such are used primarily with computers while SD cards can be used with a variety of devices from small mobile phones to large flat screen TVs. SD cards come in several “sizes” from 1 gig to as large as 8 gig or more of capacity. (Figure that an average of 600 pictures or songs will fit on a 1 gig device) For MP3 players and mobile phones, you may need a “micro SD card.” These are about the size of the finger nail on your pinky finger. Locally Staples has a great selection.

Do you have someone that travels a lot with a laptop computer? Here is a neat addition to that road warrior’s armaments. Give them a laptop lamp. This small gooseneck plugs in the USB port of the laptop and casts a soft light on the keyboard. These are great for working in low light situations like planes or conference rooms during Power Point presentations. You can find them on-line and at many local computer stores.

Another cool device for someone who uses an MP3 music player is an FM transmitter that allows the car radio to serve as the speakers. It plugs into the MP3 player and car power port (nee cigarette lighter.) You can find them on line and at Best Buy.

For those who may have given up the desk top computer for a laptop, one of the things you will miss when doing financial stuff is a good numeric pad. How about a USB numeric keypad? It is about the size of a mouse and allows you to enter numbers just like you did with your desktop keyboard. You can find this on line for about $8.

Gift cards are also great. For the younger set a gift card for some iTunes will always be appreciated. You’ll find them where ever gift cards are sold.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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