Monday, April 27, 2009

CET Pulls Analog Plug May 1st

I have been writing about the end of analog broadcasting for more then three years. The first deadline for conversion to 100% digital broadcasting came and went last February because Congress felt the country was not ready for the change. They set the final deadline for June, but allowed stations to terminate analog service earlier. On April 15th the KET network, covering all public TV stations in Kentucky, went all digital and on this coming Friday, May 1 at 12:01 AM, all local Public Stations - CET 48, ThinkTV 14 in Cincinnati and ThinkTV16 in Dayton - will go all digital.

So are you ready? As I have written so many times, if you are a cable subscriber or get your TV from a satellite provider, this is a non issue for you. If you have a new digital set and use an antenna (set-top rabbit ears or outdoor roof-top) you already are getting the digital signals. For those who want to keep using their trusty old 1985 Sony, you can use a DTV converter.

Here are a few updates to help you get ready:

You can still obtain up to 2 coupons per household from the Federal Government. Each coupon is worth $40 toward the purchase of a DTV converter. The converters are available in most electronics stores and cost about $60. So with the coupon you can buy one for about $20. To get a coupon call 808-388-2009 or go online to

Locally Channel 64 is already broadcasting only in digital and the other commercial stations will cease analog broadcasting in mid June.

Most people will get good over-the-air reception with a set top UHF/VHF antenna. Some who live in valleys might need an outdoor antenna. Don’t automatically go for an amplified antenna since with digital broadcasting, too much signal can be as bad as too little.

All the local TV stations are already broadcasting at full power so what you get now is what you will get after all the analog stations go away. There is no reason to wait.

Don’t forget, when you wake up Friday morning public TV in the Cincinnati / Dayton area will be digital only.

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