Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Does CET Not Have Backup Power?

With the spate of recent power outages you may have wondered why CET does not have back up power. The main reason is lack of funds. Unlike a radio and analog VHF TV stations, a UHF TV station like CET Channel 48, requires a tremendous amount of electrical power. When we last looked at it, a generator capable of powering our UHF analog transmitter and all the attendant air conditioning and cooling equipment at the Chickasaw Street location would cost in excess of $250,000. Since our transmitter is in Clifton and our studios are in the West End, we would need a generator at the studio as well. Again unlike radio, the equipment at the studio required to stay on the air also consumes significant electrical power … much more than we can afford.
The good news is that once we sign off the analog transmitter in February 2009 and switch to the digital transmitter, backup power may be possible. It seems that the digital transmitter requires only a fraction of the power than is needed for the analog system.
For those missing CET tonight I know this does not really help.

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